Flooring/Composite Mats

Whether your looking for a wood rig mat or a synthetic composite mat, Tiger has what you need. Our ECOmats are an excellent solution for all of your flooring needs - environmentally driven, economically priced to meet your budget and strategically designed to meet all of your needs.

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    Tiger's mats were developed to provide temporary stability and improvement of ground conditions for oilfields, pipelines, refineries, chemical plants, LNG work sites, right-of-way, high line industry, and any type of industrial construction sites that requires heavy machinery.

    Tiger's composite ECOmats™ are an exceptional solution of temporary flooring for muddy or unstable grounds. Built with a segmented [non-hollow core], the synthetic ECOmats™ address structural needs and dramatically improves project foundations. Environmentally driven, it decreases chemical transference, improves safety traction and reduces the need to cut trees for temporary matting. ECOmats™ provide a strong, tested and safe surface that can be used for any work site that requires flooring in harsh environments, stabilization for heavy equipment or ground protection.

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