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Do you have a contingency plan in place to protect you from a disaster?


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Tiger Industrial is your go-to source for equipment rentals when an emergency happens.

At Tiger Industrial, we understand how critical it is to keep operations moving before, during and after a disaster strikes. The loss of electricity alone can cripple a business and stop progress until the matter is resolved. Nobody likes to think about contingency planning, but it is necessary to keep your operations moving if an explosion, flood, fire, storm or power outage threaten your operations.

Tiger has a team of experts who think outside of the box and can help you plan several steps ahead of any disaster. When the worst does happen, our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to put our experience and equipment into action at a moments notice.

Contact a Tiger representative in your area today and we will work out the best contingency plan for your operations.

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Tiger willl create a plan specifically for your operations.

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At Tiger, we understand that a disaster can be detrimental to any operation and we are available and dependable for rental equipment if an emergency should arise. Our team members will meet with you to assess your worksite’s needs. Based on our conversation, we will make a plan that covers your crew, equipment, logistics and safety requirements needed to keep your operations moving before, during and after a crisis.

When it comes to your safety, Tiger is meticulous with every detail – big and small. Rest assured, with Tiger's experience and well maintained equipment, you will have smooth sailing through any disaster that comes your way. We will make it happen.

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Why Choose Tiger?

Is your business prepared for an unexpected power outage?


  • We have an experience sales team that is accessible 24/7.
  • Tiger offers pro-active and economical plans you can execute easily and quickly.
  • We give you stategies to get your crew back to work within hours of an emergency.
  • We will develop a cutomized plan to minimise risks, prevent/lesson disruptions and ensure your crew and operations are safe.
  • Tiger has local representiatives to provide hands-on and quick assistance should a disaster hit your business.
  • Tiger maintains our equipment regularly to ensure they are in working order should a disaster arise suddenly.
  • Tiger has a make it happen mentality.

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Featured Items for contingency planning

The most durable and robust equipment. A huge fleet of inventory. Quick delivery and service. Where you need it. When you need it. That's the mark of Tiger.


ECOmats™ & Rig Mats

Is your foundation storm ready or will your heavy iron get stuck in the mud?


Don't wait for the mud to build up. Plan ahead and lay a firm foundation on your worksite with our synthetic ECOmats or our wood rig mats to keep your operations running smoothly before, during and after the storm.

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Floods happen. Do your have your pumps on reserve?


Pumps are in high demand and the demand will more than double should a flood hit your worksite. Call Tiger today to reserve pumps for your contingency plan.

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Generators & Light Plants

Is your business prepared for an unexpected power outage?


With proper contingency planning, such as pre-ordering a generator, you can save a great deal of money and stress in an emergency situaton.

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Base Camps

Tiger provides turn key operations and equipment.


Tiger has the experience, resources and solutions you need to secure a safe and operational base camp should disaster strike your business.

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Blast Resistant Buildings

Are your personnel safe from explosions, hurricanes and tornadoes?


With safety in mind, Tiger Industrial stocks a huge inventory of blast resistant buildings for refineries, chemical plants, gathering stations, drilling sites, base camps and more.

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Heavy Iron

Need to move fallen trees debris after a storm?


Tiger has the heavy iron rental equipment that you need for your contingency plan. Whether you need to dig trenches to keep flood waters at bay or move fallen trees after a storm, Tiger will make it happen.

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