8' x 40' Decon Unit

Tiger's Decontamination Units are manufactured with heavy-duty steel frame beams and that are compliant with all governing agencies such as DOT and OSHA. All units are built to ensure the well being of personnel due to hazardous chemical exposure. Tiger's Decon Units have a dirty side and a clean side to safety wash contaminates away. Employees enter the dirty side to remove and wash all contaminated clothing. From the dirty side, workers will enter the showers which are protected by triple flap air-lock curtains to bath and exit into the clean side for changing purposes.

• Power plants
• Oil refineries
• Industrial coatings projects
• Lead abatement projects
• Asbestos abatement projects

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Tiger Industrial Rentals 12x40 BRB PSI Table

Tiger Decon Unit

Tiger Decon Unit

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Tiger Decon Unit
Tiger Decon Unit
Decon Unit