Pipe Cradles


Tiger Industrial Rentals Pipe Cradle
  • Designed to hold the bottom of the pipe at a constant 20” height off the ground.
  • Galvanized steel and a synthetic alignment Vee - No wood rot or chemical absorption.
  • Stacked in lots of 10 and can be deployed rapidly with a forklift only - no additional labor needed.
  • 1 truckload of pipe cradles is 270 units and that will hang 135 joints of pipe and reduce approximately 7 truckloads of cribbing.
  • Easily stacked, deployed, transported, cleaned and reloaded back on the truck for the next assignment.
  • Reduces dependence on wood cribbing.
  • A pair of pipe cradles can handle up to 36” OD pipe and 4,800 lbs