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Blast Resistant Building Engineering

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Tiger Industrial Rentals Blast Resistant BuildingsThird Party Design and Review

  • Our BRB’s are engineered for safety. The world leader in Blast Resistant Design, Baker Risk, has worked closely with our engineers to exceed the industry standards for blast resistant structures. This assures you that our buildings meet or exceed in the protection of your most valuable assets: your people.
  • The materials and construction are meticulously inspected by Bureau Veritas to ensure that all materials and workmanship meet or exceed the standards that were set by Baker Risk. Our high standards ensure that the building you get today is not made obsolete by more stringent standard tomorrow.
  • For instance, our 8psi building is rated as such at 200 milliseconds (ms) which would be similar to the blast duration of a Vapor Cloud Explosion (VCE). Insist on a 150ms minimum rating for the safety of your people and your peace of mind.

Design Reference

  • American Society of Civil Engineers - “Design of Blast Resistant Buildings in Petrochemical Facilities”
  • American Petroleum Institute -“RP 752" and "RP 753"